Things Charles Xavier will never do again

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"It’s not a contrivance at all. I love the guy,” McAvoy says, turning to Fassbender. “I do mourn your absence sometimes when I’m working with lesser dudes."

—James McAvoy - talking about Michael for Details Magazine (via michaelfassyfastbender)
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What is this lovely creature?

A pretty bjd brought to life? It’s very cute.

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Erik’s inner monologue: “Puppy eyes, think puppy eyes, you know he can’t resist them. Yes! It’s working, no wait, you look too smug, remember Puppy Eyes. Sexy puppy eyes! There we go! Thank G-d he can’t read my mind right now!”

i always wonder at what point erik makes his decision about what he’s going to do in paris. does he know, already, when he’s reaching out to charles on the plane? is he still trying, knowing tomorrow it will be over, that once he does what he (thinks he) has to do, charles will hate him forever anyway, but it’s still worth this now? hm.

You know, it’s funny because the last time I saw the film, I watched this scene closely specifically for that very reason. Did Erik know, at this point, that he was going to have to sacrifice Mystique? Even as he sat with Charles and spoke about her fondly, and played chess like old times?

At the end of the scene the camera lingers on Erik’s face for a long, lingering pause which someone gifed beautifully here:

There’s something in his expression, I think at least, that speaks to a kind of painful resolve. Charles has awkwardly begun to play chess, their old friendship has sort of rekindled, or at least begun to mend, and yet I feel like I can see in Erik’s expression a kind of regret…possibly for what he’s about to do? And for what he’s about to lose all over again?

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'LOL', 'ROFL', 'BRB', according to James Mcavoy.x


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You make me c o l d
You run my  l i f e  right outta my soul
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