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I’m pregnant. […] Ross? Ross? Okay, whenever you’re ready. […] And you’re the father by the way—but you got that…

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"Wikipedia’s the worst" — Jimmy Fallon
Michael Fassbender on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 6/5/2012

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Yup, definitely going along with this.

yes it does

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i’m not saying they are talking about sex but they’re definitely talking about sex.

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Your teacher!erik student!charles is the best thing ever. I may have cried a bit (a lot). Charles is adorable and Erik needs to snuggle him. Will you be posting more soon?

ASKED BY faramirlovertheslasher.

Aww thanks dear :* <3 And sorry for making you cry, I’ll make it better, I promise :)) I’ll post soon, sweet Charles needs some love <3

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"When you’re pulling the helmet out of the glass, on set, how does that look?"  (x)

I love how Michael just says the word “rod” and James just loses it. And then Michael says “I knew you were going to go there…” And makes sure to use “penetrate” in the next bit, of course. :D

I’m crying at the sheer amount of dick jokes that Fassy can make.

Also the fact that he makes it in front of James.

And Make Sure How James feels about those words by looking at him after finishing in every sentence.

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Part 6
"Why are we here, Charles?"

"Because I need to know why."

AU - Student Charles Xavier is distracted by his handsome new teacher.
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Oh my, Charles fell in love like a child dealing with his first crush.

Yes, exactly! Poor Charles, but Erik loves him just as much, otherwise he wouldn’t feel bad :))

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